Habibur Rahman
habibur@ualberta.ca | linkedin.com/in/habibrahmanbd | (825) 436-4407 | Edmonton, AB, Canada
https://github.com/habibrahmanbd | https://habibrahman.me
M.Sc. in Computing Science, GPA: 3.8/4 Jan 2021 Sep 2023
University of Alberta Edmonton, AB, Canada
B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering, GPA: 3.77/4 Mar 2013 Dec 2017
Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Machine Learning Developer Feb 2023 Present
Awele Technologies Inc. Edmonton, AB, Canada
Designed a data collection and utilization pipeline for cross-border shipping, resulting in a 100% increase
in efficiency by automating previously manual processes.
Developed a recommendation-based algorithm to predict the best possible shipping routes with the high-
est customer satisfaction, improving route accuracy by 50% and reducing shipping costs by optimizing
cost and service time.
Created the ML API on Django and deployed it on Heroku, ensuring high availability and scalability.
Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant Jan 2021 Sep 2023
University of Alberta Edmonton, AB, Canada
Introduced a novel variant of the simulated annealing algorithm for addressing program synthesis tasks
that leverage a Graph Neural Network (GNN) for sampling a node from the Abstract Syntax Tree
(AST), which is then mutated to generate a new program.
Led an undergrad lab section for the Practical Programming Methodology course by preparing lab scripts,
evaluating submissions, and helping students solve exercise problems.
Software Engineer Jul 2019 Dec 2020
Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh
Developed an internal automation tool to convert the Android localization strings for the Windows
platform that reduced the string processing time from 120 minutes to 120 seconds.
Developed the new tag feature for Samsung Notes V3.X and up from concept.
Synthesizing Libraries of Programs by Optimizing an Auxiliary Function Dec 2021 Sep 2023
Proposed a novel approach by augmenting the program library and guiding the bottom-up search by
optimizing auxiliary functions for string manipulation and reverse drawing tasks to generate high-quality
Debiasing Multiclass Demographics in Language Models Sep 2021 Dec 2021
Implemented a new regularizer to debias multiclass demographics in language models, which reduced
the biases for several individual classes within a demographic
Contributed a word list for four demographics to evaluate the fairness of language models.
Data Augmentation in NMT: A Case-study for English to Portuguese Jan 2021 Apr 2021
Developed a new method for data augmentation in translation tasks by evaluating its performance on
Recurrent Neural Network with LSTM and Transformer.
Hackathons / Competitive Programming
4th place among 15 teams at University of Alberta Programming Contest Mar 2022
6th place among 69 participants at A Perfect Fit: HackerEarth ML Challenge Sep 2021
48th place among 966 participants in the Codechefs’ May Cook-Off 2016
1st place among 20 teams from Rajshahi Division at ACM - ICPC Dhaka Regional 2016
Technical Skills
Skills & Tools: DSA, OOP, CI/CD, Git, Perforce, Agile, Jira, Jupyter, Cluster, Linux, Azure
Languages: Python, R, C/C++ , C#, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, Bash, SQL
Libraries: Numpy, Scikitlearn, Matplotlib, Pandas, TensorFlow, PyTorch, UWP, BootStrap, Tableau